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Meet the Minds behind Brussels Mental Health Center

Dr. Thomas Van der Poorten - Psychiater
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Psychiatrist · EMDR · Clinical Sexologist Languages: English, Dutch, French · Anxiety & mood disorders · Trauma, PTSD & personality problems · EMDR therapy (RINO Amsterdam) · Clinical Sexology (KU Leuven) · Medical treatment of formally diagnosed ADHD in adults

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Clinical Psychologist · Gestalt Therapist Languages: Italian, English · Gestalt Psychotherapy, Art Therapy · Family and intimate relationships · Anxiety, social difficulties, withdrawal · LGBT+ identity · Children's mental health

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Clinical Psychologist · Client Centered Psychotherapist Languages: English, Dutch · Anxiety, depression · Trauma · Low self-esteem · Relationship difficulties

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Clinical Psychologist · Client Centered Psychotherapy Languages: English, Dutch · Client-centered approach · Anxiety & depression · Grief & existential questions · Stress management

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Clinical Psychologist · Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Languages: English, Dutch · Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy · Mentalization-based Treatment (MBT) · Anxiety, depression, bereavement · Low self-esteem, identitiy questions, destructive behaviors,...

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Physiotherapist · Hypnotherapist · Sophrologist Languages: French, English · Stress management · Psychosomatic disorders · Trauma Release Excercises (TRE) · Hypnosis: Smoking cessation​; Phobias; Tinnitus; Chronic pain

Laïka & Waldo

Certified Good Girl & Good Boy · We're trying to make you feel comfortable and safe during the sessions with Dr. Thomas & Sophie · We're mostly present on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays · Please let us know before the consultation if you're uncomfortable with our presence

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