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Brussels Mental Health Center

Brussels Mental Health Center is a young practice just a few minutes away from European Institutions, where you can seek help from our multidisciplinary team for a variety of mental health concerns


A combination of humanity, empathy and a down to earth approach are some of the important values in our practice. We are committed to providing care based on the latest scientific insights and guidelines in the field.

We believe it is important to be able to offer personalized treatment, for which both medication and talk therapy may be necessary. In doing so, we try to take your individual preferences into account as much as possible. However, a willingness to investigate your thoughs, emotions and behaviours is required.

We invite you to take a look at our website to find out how we might help you find the right treatment for you.

The BMHC-team

Dr. Thomas Van der Poorten - Psychiater

Psychiatrist · EMDR · Clinical Sexologist Language: English, Dutch, French · Anxiety & mood disorders · Trauma, PTSD & personality problems · EMDR therapy (RINO Amsterdam) · Clinical Sexology (KU Leuven) · Medical treatment of formally diagnosed ADHD in adults

Dr. Lucas Vanderlinden - Psychiater

Psychiatrist · Psychotherapist Language: English, Dutch · Anxiety & mood disorders · Trauma, PTSD & personality problems · Substance abuse · Client-Centered, Emotion Focused and Existential Psychotherapy

image1 (1).jpeg

Clinical Psychologist · Client Centered Psychotherapy Language: English, Dutch · Client-centered approach · Anxiety & depression · Grief & existential questions · Stress management

processed-b30979fd-7145-4bd1-9d3a-d38244bedb4b_JxONIryI (002).jpeg

Clinical Psychologist · Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Language: English, Dutch · Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy · Mentalization-based Treatment (MBT) · Anxiety, depression, bereavement · Low self-esteem, identitiy questions, destructive behaviors,...


Physiotherapist · Hypnotherapist · Sophrologist Language: French, English · Stress management · Psychosomatic disorders · Trauma Release Excercises (TRE) · Hypnosis: Smoking cessation​; Phobias; Tinnitus; Chronic pain

photo Brussel_edited.png

Clinical Psychologist · Gestalt Therapist Language: Italian, English · Gestalt Psychotherapy, Art Therapy · Family and intimate relationships · Anxiety, social difficulties, withdrawal · LGBT+ identity · Children's mental health


Clinical Psychologist · Client Centered Psychotherapist Language: English, Dutch · Anxiety, depression · Trauma · Low self-esteem · Relationship difficulties

Laïka & Waldo

Certified Good Girl & Good Boy · We're trying to make you feel comfortable and safe during the sessions with Dr. Thomas & Sophie · We're mostly present on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays · Please let us know before the consultation if you're uncomfortable with our presence

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